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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Disagree completely. The real issue is that the brakes are a bit sub par for very hard track work. Rather than having a blinging red or yellow multi piston brake set up I would prefer a system that works perfect under harsh conditions. The rotors are huge and a wonderful design. I believe the biggest deficiency of the system is sufficient brake cooling through ducts and air flow.

Look, I like the aesthetics of Brembos and the like as well, but the M is about function over form. I find it highly entertaining that the majority of folks here respond and concur with this gripe that is focused on looks.
Brakes are fine - the pads are not. As for sufficient cooling for hard track use, hey, this is not a hard track car. It's a street car that can be taken to the track. And the brakes are better than the competition.