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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Disagree completely. The real issue is that the brakes are a bit sub par for very hard track work. Rather than having a blinging red or yellow multi piston brake set up I would prefer a system that works perfect under harsh conditions. The rotors are huge and a wonderful design. I believe the biggest deficiency of the system is sufficient brake cooling through ducts and air flow.

Look, I like the aesthetics of Brembos and the like as well, but the M is about function over form. I find it highly entertaining that the majority of folks here respond and concur with this gripe that is focused on looks.
While I agree with most of your statement, I would still prefer something that doesn't look like it came off a 325. Sure brembos would be nice, they work well and look great. I'm sure the OEM brakes work quite well under most conditions. This is just my personal observation. Brembos are also standard issue on some cars costing half as much as the M.