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Originally Posted by DougLikesBMW View Post
Of course dude, this is Battlefield. That means jets, helis, tanks, APCs, jeeps, etc.
haha i true.

Originally Posted by HPFREAK View Post
Looks good but now I thinking it is just revamp of Medal of Honor. Looks and sounds the same. I hated Medal of honor. The targeting system was sloppy and the MP was just awful. It had potential with the look and sounds, but it feel short on delivery of a fun time. So far EA has not proven to deliver a well rounded shooter. They look and sound great but that is about it. There server issues are the worst as well.
medal of honor was terrible but BF3 will not be anything like it. imo from what i've seen so far, graphics are definitely better, not by a lot but enough for you to notice. Sounds are not the same and shooting doesnt seem to similar to MOH or BC2 at all. who knows about the "targeting system" since its not out yet. MOH is BC2 with different skins and different story line. BF3 is a completely different game, its even using a newer engine (Frostbite 2 instead of Frostbite 1.5 like in MOH and BC2, read more about it here). if you played BF2 you'd know EA and Dice have potential to make great games, they just have to create them as PC games first then recode (or w.e it is they do) for console. just give it time, wait for the beta if there is one.