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Originally Posted by andy9188 View Post
i would love the evolve supercharger kit but thats out of budget for now. but thinking about it theres no point in spending 2-3 k on remaps and exhaust components when i could save up and put it towards the sc fund
there you go ...very logical but then you will need 4wd to tame the beast

for the bhp gain against the cost involved ...I would just leave as standard, and if you really need more power go the supercharging route but be warned modiflying M3s are not cheap compare to some Jap mobile.
you can get 600+bhp from a stock Nissan Gtr for 2-3k outlay wheres the M3 need at least 9K+ to achieve similar bhp upgrade

i have a Subaru Impreza P1 running 460Bhp/420lbs/ft torque which is much faster than my E90 M3, that has 4wd so no problem with traction( although it can still spin the rears in 2nd gear !! ).

another option is you can fit a Dinan big bore v8 from the state but that again is mega bucks to do !

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