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Originally Posted by red998 View Post
got the call from bmw.
So i am approved. i was totally going to do it, but then i started to reason and think about the advice you guys gave.
7% for 61K, car total is 68K. Turns out to be 80K.
I think i m gonna pass on it.
I figure the economy is still crap. The rate may come down (or go up) like last year i don t expect for the 0.9% hell freezing over deal, but something a little more reasonable. i figure ED would be the way to go and i can drop more cash on this purchase.
Thoughts? Is this a great deal? The reason i ask is cause i don t have much experience in this field and a good amount of money is involved. I know i am partially blinded in this situation and just asking for some opinions.
I work hard for my money and i don t want to throw it at someone just for the sake getting the car that i want.
Everything happens for a reason. Its just not your time to get a M be patient.
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