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[quote=yemenmocha;6245597]Do you have extra cashflow coming in over the upcoming months that would have comprised your downpayment?

If i do overtime i should make over 180K easily for the year. i don t have any other expenses like mortgage or school loans(yet). i pay rent and bills r not that much.

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Just trying to help. Please don't take me the wrong way.
No offense taken. This is the reason i posted here so i can get some unbiased reality checks.

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Mate I don't have a secondary vehicle... but when I need one I have access to Mum and Dad's cars... so use that when required.
thats funny cause the truck belongs to me folks.

I spoke to the dealer and he said he was shocked i was rejected as my salary is plenty. I guess i will go the route of financing through the dealer when the time is right. i just hope the saying is true good things come to those who wait.
Thanks for all the replies. made my morning, especially the dude with the benz in the profile, lol.