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Angry Need some financial advice!

hey guys

thanks for all the support and criticism. So here is my debacle:
2010 models with everything except carbon roof, premium sound, PDC i have prices out the door for about 66-67. So i was happy with that. Next was 5.9% financing through BMW. I then contacted my bank who rejected me for the reason that i never had a car loan (i am putting under 10K down) and then the dealer went their route to get banks to compete for the loan. same end, i need a co signer to be approved for the loan. bank is providing loan at 4.xx% and it saves a lot over the course of 5 yrs.
i have no cosigner.
i don t plan on asking someone to do that.
its either bmw select, or finance it through bmw. anyone have other ideas?
i wasn t pushing for a car but my truck is dying and it almost kill me with it when it turned off all the power while i was driving it.
my original plan was to save up 10-15k and do ED with financing...however i need a car now and so i pushed the car purchase to now.
credit score is 800s on all 3 reports.



ps i would have bought the car if it werent for this hitch.