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Originally Posted by Kwando View Post
I collect die-cast as well. M3s mostly.
My wife had about 25 cars collected at the time we met. Every year I get her one for Christmas.
Originally Posted by Endless619 View Post
For sure me too. Either guns or car parts. I flip back and forth. Sold one gun to get a set of Volks. LOL

FN FS2000 with Mars Red dot = $3500

Volk TE37s = $2900

Almost even. lol
too bad the Volks won't appreciate like our weapons are!

Originally Posted by mccannable View Post
Yes it is. Helios took to long to repair after crashes and when I got bigger sozes(trex 500 3G) I was too scared to really fly. 3d foamies are easy and cheap but you need sub 3mph wind to fly. I gave up on both few years back
I fly a combat wing which is nearly indestructible and will fly at 100mph. And a foam 3d with a 36" wing span that can be broken in half and back flying in 10 min. The 3d craft will fly as fast as 25mph and as slow as a walking pace.

I bought a Trex helicopter, built it, tested it while tethered but was too scared to fly it. Sold it to a marine in Afghanistan!
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