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RWD only.
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Originally Posted by ssabripo View Post
good read. thanks
Originally Posted by AudiS5 View Post
400 pounds? Maybe for the Coupe with a CF roof. Keep in mind this was a sedan and was most likely equipped with a moonroof.

According to THIS test

C63= 3,957 pounds
M3 3,681 pounds

Difference of 276 pounds. Also many things can influence a track time...we don't know the factors each car was driven in, tire tread, drivers etc.
Interesting that the C63, even with its ~250-300 lb disadvantage bested both the M3 and the CTS. You would think if it beat the M3 that the circuit would be more of a power track, but then the CTS should've pulled in a much better time. The track might've been just right for the C63's combination of power and weight.

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Something seems a little off with the Caddy. Slower than the M3? I'm BMW through and through but all the American mags put that thing at sub 4 times. Bias?
Check the more important specs. 0-200 km/h clearly shows the Caddy stomping everyone else. 14s vs the M3's 15.6s. That's definitely not faster.

All these launches are slower than the auto review averages. 0.2s slower to 60 could be chalked up to nothing more than traction issues as a result of poor surfaces. Or not factoring in rollout (which I can't stand) like most US mags do. Or even the fact that 100 km/h translates to 62 mph, not 60.
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