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Originally Posted by BrokenVert View Post
Im sorry what?

Shes a World Record holding Olympic athlete.

You cant get much more ringer than that.
Relevant definition of "Ringer" (Merriam-Webster): one that enters a competition under false representations

The term "ringer" in sports vernacular typically applies to a team that brings in someone who otherwise isn't eligible (but claims is eligible) for the purpose of boosting the team's chance of winning (like bringing in Derek Jeter to your inter-company softball league game and saying that Derek works for your company). In an individual sport event, it would be like Usain Bolt competing in a high school track meet, when he's clearly not a student there.

Missy is clearly eligible and has been on the team all season, and competing high schools are under no illusion that she wouldn't be competing. So, no, Missy's NOT a ringer.

So, how about that retraction?

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