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Originally Posted by Pk Mods View Post
Great video, a master wearing his slick loafers

I didnt know there was any other way to drive manual? i thought it was common sense that the left would would be solely designated to the clutch and the right foot would control the breaks/gas. the only thing im unsure about is why he presses them at the same time sometimes, unless THAT is heel toeing and im just not understanding the reasoning behind preforming this "technique"
Start from the basics:

rev matching down shift: The idea is to match the revs when you're going to a smaller gear. Let say, for 30mph, the engine rev is 2krpm at 3rd gear. Let say for the same speed, the engine rev would be 3krpm at 2nd gear. So now, imagine you're downshifting to 2nd from 3rd at 30mph. What you do is, when the clutch is in, you blip the throttle causing the engine rev to jump to 3krpm from 2krpm, and now you can let go the clutch pedal faster while not upsetting the car. Benefits are: you don't upset the balance of the car. And you will put less wear to the clutch plate.

Heel&toe: Now, the heel & toe is basically doing the rev matching down shift while braking. So in this case, you have to blip the throttle while braking. That's where the term "heel and toe" is coming since in the old days people used to brake with their toes and blip the throttle with their heels. But nowadays it is more like braking with the left side of your (right) foot, and blip'ing the throttle with the right side.
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