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Originally Posted by dmw16 View Post
I'd avoid the 370Z personally. My friend had a 350Z and it wasn't a very good car. It had engine issues and on top of that the build quality (especially the interior) didn't hold a candle to a BMW.
Originally Posted by FerRrari View Post
I've only driven a 350Z, but I did not like the car:
- cheap interior
- artificial engine sound
- felt heavy
- sterring feedback and response to inputs not as precise as the M3
This has changed a lot since the 350Zs. The interior of the 370Z is a HUGE step up over the 350Z. That said, when I sold my 350Z, it was 9 years old and had 100K miles. At less than half of both of those figures, my M3 has more squeaks, rattles, and chassis flex.

The engine sound on both the 350Z and 370Z is somewhat "harsh", I don't know that I'd say artificial though. However, breathing mods really wake up the sound. My 350Z had a full exhaust with HFC and the sound made me feel like I was driving a race car. In contrast, I've never heard an E46 M3 that I like.

I have not driven an E46 M3 but in comparison to my E92 M3, the 350Z and 370Z feel light and responsive. Though, I will agree that the steering is really not comparable, for sure.

Originally Posted by Pk Mods View Post
No, this car is going to be my daily driver and it will definitely go through rain and maybe even light snow. You say that there are better cars for my money but for $33k, the 370z NISMO has 350hp, syncron rev matching, and its an overall newer car. Many people are suggesting that things will go wrong with an E46 if i get it and to be honest, i dont mean to sound like a brat, but i dont want to deal with anything for at least the first 6-8 months of me getting the car. i want to enjoy the car and be able to use it to its full capacity.
The 370Z will require an oil cooler (stupid Nissan for not having one stock) for track work. Other than that, they haven't suffered the same engine, transmission, and nagging little issues that the 350Zs had.
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