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3 generations of M3s make the ///M stripes colors rainbow (wallpapers)

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In September the guy who runs the blog organized a photo shoot with an Imola E30 M3, Interlagos Blue e46 M3, and my Laguna Seca Blue e92 M3. Here are a few of the shots! Unfortunately we did not have the license plates removed, but time was short.

Wallpaper version of the first photo @

For those curious, here's info on the actual colors of the M stripes and what they stand for:

Blue -- Pantone Process Blue
Purple -- Pantone 268
Red -- Pantone Warm Red

blue violett GLASURIT-BMW 4000
light blue GLASURIT-BMW 5002

Blue -- 0 138 201 (Hex: 008AC9)
Purple -- 43 17 90 (Hex: 2B115A)
Red -- 241 26 34 (Hex: F11A22)

Pantone = color process (order) used by printing shops to define colors.
Paint = in this case it is refering to a GLASURIT paint code. Or a specific mix of auto paints.
RGB = Red, Green, Blue. The same process your computer monitor or TV uses to make colors.

- RED represented Texaco who had partnered with BMW during the early days of M racing
- BLUE represented BMW (and Bavaria)
- PURPLE was used to represent the partnership and to allow for a nice transition between the two colors. (Once the BMW/Texaco partnership ended, BMW had to buyout Texaco for the rights to the red.)

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