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I think that the main points have been spoken about here and I strongly agree with my Canadian brothers opinions.

On the other part, over here in Quebec it's quite the contrary. On the last elections, in QC the majority voted for the NDP where the rest of Canada was in majority for the Conservative Party. It's a good lesson to be taught to Quebecers that sometimes you need to go with the flow for the common good of the country and not only for ourselves.

We're a month away from early elections right now in Quebec and it's ridiculous how there are NO interesting parties to vote for, in my opinion.

We've currently got the Liberal Party running which is extremely corrupt and then we've got running for office the PQ which want to separate from the rest of the Canada which is extremely dumb and a waste of tax payers money. On top of wanting to separate they are also very tied to Syndicates therefore a bigger government (Quebec Government employs more people that the Canadian Federal Government, go figure that out) and again, more tax payers money wasted on useless jobs that are not needed (instead of taking example on the Federal gouv and cutting jobs, they want to do exactly the contrary, so again go figure that one out as well). Quebec also happens to be the most in debt province in Canada. We have more debt, per habitant that the US! Quebec debt per cizitzen is 46k$ and the US debt per citizen is 50k$. The remaining competing party (CAQ) is fairly young and the guy is ALL OVER the place, left and right... Very hard to follow and typical for a new comer that tries to be liked by everyone. The rest of the parties are too small and not worth mentioning.

I think that the Liberal party will be re-elected again (because people here are THAT dumb) and that the PQ and CAQ will be the minorities and try to block anything the Liberals will try to do. Overall it could be a not so bad situation.

To give you ideas of what the Liberal Party has done so far in Quebec;
-Raised taxes about 4% (14.5% right now, will go up to 16.5%, 1% per year until 2014)
-Pushed the retirement age
-Extremely corrupt (health, education, construction)
-Plan North (basically will sell all of our natural ressources for cheap to private companies from outside. Mostly Chinese companies. They say it will create jobs but in reality it'll be mostly Chinese workers who will be shipped here)
-Retarded Laws that prevent people from gathering in the streets for manifestations about government decisions (you need to call the cops and let them know of your intentions and whereabouts before you go out if not you can get a ticket). It has been brought to court because obviously no one agrees and it goes against constitutional rights but it's costing us millions AGAIN to fight it.

And that's only half of the shit they have done so far...

The Quebec residents are really biased and have poor judgment regarding the rest of Canada. Most people in Quebec hate Harper because there were talks about making abortion illegal and that's their main argument AGAISN'T Harper, without knowing all of the other things he has done for Canada and Quebec. Most of Canada, from what I've read is mainly FOR abortion, if it is controlled and properly managed. I think that people here like to disagree with the rest of Canada just to try to prove that they are different when in reality it's not in their advantage.

Sorry for the little off topic but I think it's nice to see this side of the story as well.