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Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
This is good stuff, once we overcome translation issues, we can learn here !

OK, so since the "political party terminology exchange rate" between the US and Canada is not 1.0, lets focus more on actions and outcomes, rather than inconsistent labels that might muddy the waters.

So when drowning in debt, and a new path was needed (sound familiar in 2012?) a Canadian political party set things on the road to financial stability by doing stuff such as slashing spending then ? And history has proven that to be a wise choice?

Slashing spending would of course result in a smaller government, unless everyone is happy to take huge pay cuts. In the United States, I would humbly suggest that most people who tend to support the idea of less government would be more likely to call themselves "conservative" than "liberal". Those labels may not mean quite the same in Canada, which is useful to keep in mind, but that successful model can still be copied regardless.
You are missing the point, the cuts were palatable BECAUSE it was the left making them. The fact that the Liberals were willing to do it made people realize how needed they were. If the conservatives had tried the same thing, everyone on the the Left would have been up in arms. Ever heard the expression "Only Nixon could go to China?" same thing.