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Stay away. Branded titles are trouble. Way too many Unknowns. The seller will not tell you the whole story. One the story that helps him close the deal. with branded cars you could have a flooded car. Tons of electrical issues. No warranty.
Accident repaired car . It's a 50 50 chance on those. The extent of damage is in question. If you can get the pic before repair was done, then you can estimate on the type of damage sustained. In many cases even after the car has been repaired there are possible issues with alignment, uneven tire wear, rust, and the integrity of the subframe. I remember hearing a story of a car literally breaking in half after being involved In a collision due to improper subframe cutting and welding work. keep in mind all these cars will pass safety and emmisions and are bargains at times but at what price.
Let us know what you decide