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Originally Posted by AntTwon View Post
Good advice. May have to look into it. Haven't had the need for one yet, but you never know.

By the way, I noticed your setup with the Pirelli snows. I have a Stoptech BBK and my snows are on 18s. I have been swapping my calipers and rotors back to OEM every time I change wheels for the winter. Needless to say it's getting old. I may look for a second set of 19s and buy a set of snow tires. I looked a bit at the beginning of the season but options seem to be limited and they're super expensive. You would recommend the Pirellis if I can find them? Also, how has the finish and hardware on your calipers been holding up with salt and chemicals on the roads? Just had mine repainted a year or two ago. I would hate to see my clear coat get cloudy again.
Yea luckily I haven’t needed to use the trench shovel yet (fingers crossed). As far as tires I had Blizzaks before the pirellis and it depends on how you plan to drive your car. If you plan to drive it no matter what then Blizzaks are way better if there’s like 4inches on the roadway but they’re not all that on dry road. If you have a second car or can stay home from work in bad snow storms then pirellis are a good choice. They’re great on dry road and not as good but ok when there’s a few inches on the road. I drive my car no matter what and I get by pretty well. That last blizzard we had I did get stuck a few times driving home but that doesn’t happen all the time also had the Pirellis when we got like 90” of snow that winter. The Pirellis are better in snow than they look tread wise. So basically if you still want to have some fun on dry days and your area is good with snow removal then Pirellis are a good choice. If you strictly want piece of mind and minimal chance of getting stuck then Blizzaks or Hakkapalitas (not sure about spelling) are for you. As for the calipers the paint is holding up great iND did a great job and I’m not even very meticulous about the salt until spring. The part that does suck are the rotors the salt makes them rust easily especially if you let the car sit a few days or a week, I’ve had some rust build up a lil inside the drilled holes. It does sound like a pain swapping back and forth but at least your BBK will last a bit longer that way