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Originally Posted by EJT86 View Post
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I have a small collapsible shovel I keep in the trunk. I shoveled most away to try to keep from plowing it with the lip spoiler
id also recommend keeping an a trench shovel in there too. i keep a collapsible shovel and an SOG trench shovel in case im suck on icy snow or need to reach a lil further inward
Good advice. May have to look into it. Haven't had the need for one yet, but you never know.

By the way, I noticed your setup with the Pirelli snows. I have a Stoptech BBK and my snows are on 18s. I have been swapping my calipers and rotors back to OEM every time I change wheels for the winter. Needless to say it's getting old. I may look for a second set of 19s and buy a set of snow tires. I looked a bit at the beginning of the season but options seem to be limited and they're super expensive. You would recommend the Pirellis if I can find them? Also, how has the finish and hardware on your calipers been holding up with salt and chemicals on the roads? Just had mine repainted a year or two ago. I would hate to see my clear coat get cloudy again.