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Originally Posted by uplusd View Post
So would you say the bearings were on their way out due to being boosted for so long or just due to overall mileage of the car?
A bit of both. The '08s have been known to have rod bearing problems, so with that in mind, since I was upping the power, new bearings seemed like an obvious choice.

Originally Posted by Chriskm3 View Post
Any pics of te old rod bearings? Are they In decent shape
Not exactly...

Caught them just in time. No crank damage

Originally Posted by hyperboost View Post
twin disk... woot woot~~
personally, i prefer single disk but to each its own. GL.
First time with a twin disk. Strange getting used to, but I think I'll grow to like it

Originally Posted by OverDriven View Post
Awesome. Can you post the dimensions and offsets of those wheels? Love the depth.
Strassed Forged SM8, 20x9 front and 20x11 rear. Unfortunately I don't have any offset info on them. They have since been sold to free up a little cash for the next set in this project

Originally Posted by dd1981 View Post
Nice. I love reading stuff like this. 90k and still pulling strong.

So to change the upper and lower rod bearings, all you had to do was drain the oil and drop the pan? Everything was accessible that way?
Subframe dropped, oil pan drained and dropped, unbolt the rods, and push the piston up to get the upper bearings. There you have it!

Thanks for all the kind words everyone! Glad to see you're all as excited about this build as I am