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Originally Posted by paradocs98
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chill each their own. all i was wondering is if someone had a picture to share of a car with different colored powder coated wheels. if you have nothing to share go elsewhere. and if you RE-READ again you'll see that it says i'm considering it...
A few thoughts:

1. Quite a few people on this board have black wheels on their M3s (including me on my summer setup). So if you begin your post with a comment that black wheels look tacky, don't be surprised if some people take offense.

2. Before you spend thousands of dollars on a set of wheels, do a search here for the extremely poor press regarding ADV.1 wheels and the allegations regarding their build quality.

3. As suggested above, a brightly colored wheel contrasting with body color can look pretty cool on a track setup--do a search for kaiv's posts showing his red track wheels on his Alpine White M3. IMO not the best look for a daily street setup, though, unless you are really looking for constant attention (some of which may be unwanted).

4. There was a recent post on here (either in the wheels section or the photos/videos section) that showed white wheels on a dark car. Looked kind of interesting, but you know those wheels would get dirty in five seconds of driving. They would likely be a complete PITA. Maybe a look that's best reserved for car shows.

5. IMO, a white car on white wheels would be the epitome of tackiness. When I think of that look, I think of this:

Hey hey hey!!!! Don't knock Miami Vice!!!! That was a great show. Then again, I live in Miami and had a white Benz on white HRE's!!
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