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I had my GC camber plates installed by one of the best suspension shops in Sydney a couple of weeks ago and wheel alignment set for my track day: -2.5 degrees camber front, -2.0 degrees camber rear.

Ran track day today on 1/2 worn OEM size PS2 on 359M wheels and both front and rear wheels have quite even temperatures across the threads at the end of 20 min sessions after 2 cool down laps.

No noise from the plates.

Highly recommended mod for owners that want to do regular track days, but don't want to do too many mods to their cars.

I will be putting the alignment back to standard though - driving with -2.5 degrees front camber on broken public roads is hard work!
2008 BMW M3 E92 AW/Blk 6MT 19" 359M black Carbon Roof Indiv Audio Eisenmann Sport GC camber plates BMW Motorsport pads