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Originally Posted by quality_sound View Post
It's not exactly public either. The point is we're asked not to disclose pricing, so I don't. The whole integrity thing, ya know.

I'm not getting into the discount but your figure is wrong. I wasn't really comparing my deal to his. Ok, I was a little, but his number still seems high. I'll play with the numbers to see if it's just me.
I respect your integrity, but these prices have been made public awhile back...
No offense, but if you're trying to make a claim please back it up publicly with concrete evidence. Right now we are all speculating about your deal.

Based on the above it looks like you're getting a hefty discount of about 8k off MSRP right off the bat.

Also - I'm confused. He hasn't gotten a monthly rate yet so I'm assuming you're talking about either his original quoted MSRP, or what he's asking for on discount.

The original figure the dealer asked was too high, yes.
His discounted asking price is right on the money considering invoice pricing is roughly 7% less than sticker.
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