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Originally Posted by hpc3 View Post
Another long week and a half here. Almost there.
Excited for you hpc3! I'll be looking forward to your PCD report.

Originally Posted by 03BeastCharmer View Post
Major excitement about ED. Still working out the full trip plan, working on a special ///M destination that I hope to be able to share once we get back.
Maybe M Studio?? OMG, I would LOVE to see that...

Us Canadians get no ED discount and my husband didn't really want to drive our new car on roads he wasn't familiar with, so we took an ED-like trip instead... It was so awesome driving the Alps. It'll be paradise with your M.

Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post
So your sig says you are doing PDC. If so, let me ask you something....I was just reading the owners manual about the break in period. Something about being particularly careful for the first 300 miles: not flooring it at all and not taking it above 5,500 rpm. Then for the first 1,200 miles: again, not exceeding 5,500 rpm and WOT for short durations only.

When you do PDC, don't you take your car on their track? It would be difficult to keep within these parameters if so.
Nope, you get to abuse *their* M cars. Then you get to drive yours delicately home....

Originally Posted by NoM3ForMe View Post
That is desperately pretty, Julie. Azurite Black is my favorite color of all-time.
Thanks NoM3ForM3!

I was worried for a bit, because it's rarely ordered as a color (although it's ordered more frequently in countries where there is an official Individual program). And it's really hard to capture accurately in photos. But I absolutely love it now. It's can be a 'true' black as well as a 'sparkly' blue.

Jerez Black is also nice and can have that nice metallic black look too. It has some violet (purple) - EDIT: it's actually "Lilac" - in its composition (while Azurite does not). And while a very nice paint tone on its own (as well as almost entirely M3-specific), I preferred the Azurite and thought, "oh well, I'm spending this much anyways..." We also get our individual paint as a package with the individual trim for cheaper than in the States.

Originally Posted by 03BeastCharmer View Post
Ya, it's a little nuts that two people have 4 ///M cars. The E30 doesn't get driven a lot, so we'll probably let that go later in the year, and the E36 will become for autocross and track use. Still sad about selling the M Coupe last year, but I'll feel better when I'm driving the new M3 in Germany
I absolutely love the fact that you have a collection of M's. I truly hope to keep mine forever, and eventually have a little collection of my own later... I bought it with that intention.
2013 M3 coupe (Azurite Black, Black, Piano Black)
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