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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
They have spent some dough and I doubt that buying a couple 997T's really dented the budget all that much. I think the car will definitely be a profit loss. This makes the car even more exciting. Like early hybrids one could buy the car for less than it actually costs the OEM to build it. This is (obviously) a rare occurence in the market and when it happens, like this time it is all about improving a name and image (or some strange form or regulation)

We can speculate a bit about the scales of cost, volumes of dollars involved here and potential for profit or loss. Take the closest competitor, the 997T. Porsche makes about 18% profit on its vehicles.
Would the 997T be possible without the enormous undertaking of the 959 in the 80's? No. Could the 911 have even survived through the 90's without the technologies of the 959? Doubtful. Is Porsche rich enough today that they bought a stake in their former parent company? Yes.

The profitability of Halo cars, like factory racing efforts, can not be judged by the P&L of the product itself.