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Originally Posted by gbb357 View Post
LOL! He likes the GTR soooo much he purposely reposted this in here even though it was already originally posted in the "GTR ring thread" and titled it just right. And to make it worst, he posted this thread in the M3 forum when it should've been in the non-M3 forum just to get everyone's attention.
I don't really think I need to jusitfy any particular post to you. All you ever really do here is beat dead horses and misunderstand, mis-interpret and barely read replies when aimed directly at you. Please look in the mirror before getting on my case. Just because I am such a nice guy I will answer your concerns.

I quoted the original poster and gave him credit. I mentioned in that thread that I specifically thought the topic was of enough interest to repost it in its own thread. Clearly by the volume of the replies and discussion that was a justified opinion. Bruce A. called me out on not being 100% certain on this and for using a too aggresive diction in my post title. I simply agreed with him on both counts.