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Originally Posted by tightie View Post
Yeah but that's stupid to knock off another company's exhaust.. I wonder if Akra is going to take legal actions.. Just saying.
Some facts for you to consider:

1) The X-Pipe is exactly in the same location as the stock system
2) The H-Pipe cannot go anywhere else and we have calculations to show that it's exactly one pulse width of the exhaust system in order to cancel out low frequencies. Therefore the H-Pipe cannot go anywhere else.
3) Bore size is larger than Akrapovic
4) The Helmoltz Chamber on the rear exhausts is no new thing, many companies use it on their exhausts.
5) Compare the bends on other exhausts and then look at this exhaust. You'll find it's very different at both the downpipe and axle back areas.
6) The entire exhaust is a 3 piece design, not a 5 piece.
7) Our X-Pipe is different.
8) Our resonators are completely different sizes

Our exhaust sounds very different to what's currently on the market.
Some exhausts are too loud, some are too quiet. This is designed to sit right in the middle but with minimal drone (which many want).

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