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Originally Posted by e90im View Post
Yeah, right. Iím going to waste my time writing a paper about QM so that you can piss at it. There is a lot of information available, so help yourself.
Do you think it might just be this way when you argue against faith?

People who have the answer to your challenge may not wish to spend the time to explain it to you when the truth is readily available were you to make an effort to find it. You may find quantum mechanics to be fascinating and perhaps mind boggling revealing something about the nature of the universe. It may give you satisfaction to know something that seems unknowable.

Whether you understand quantum mechanics or not does not indicate whether you can know God, just as whether you have some understanding of God does not mean you will understand quantum mechanics no matter how good the explanation.

You are unwilling to make an attempt to justify the beliefs you espouse, yet you harangue about other's beliefs.

Anger must be the easiest emotion to express.
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