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Originally Posted by Alpine View Post
You're asking for exactly the same thing I was. Something to back up his boastful claims. Every post consists of condescending shouting and extreme opinions with no evidence. Even after I specifically asked for it on more than one occasion.

His one arguement is that the bible is a book. Yes. So is a dictionary. So is an encyclopedia. But we take those as fact, too. Why is it so hard to believe that something in a book can actually be true? I won't even bother to cite references in the Bible that affirm its validity, because e90im never reads them, responds to them, or even briefly mentions them.

This whole thread has become nothing but him shouting back calling Christians, and anyone else of faith, stupid, without backing up any claims. This guy would get destroyed in court or in any real intellectual debate- especially at my university.
There are plenty of proofs of Evolution and none of God Existence...simple like that.

As for your last comment (in bold) -- once you enter the real world, you will realize how much BS you heard at that "great" University of yours...