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Originally Posted by ybssw View Post
Is ths kit ready to ship now? Both F&R. I only track about once in a month. What's the required maintaince schedule for this race kit? thanks
Yes, front and rear kits are on the shelf and ready to ship.

Maintenance will be completely need-dependent. In other words, it's near impossible to predict service intervals. Every car, driver, track, etc. is different. That said, my customers who do the occasional track day typically get a couple of seasons out of their discs before the iron portion needs replacing. Pad wear is all over the map since the pad compounds differ so greatly. Most also get several seasons out of their calipers before they need rebuilding as well. In fact, many of them sell their car and get something different before their calipers need to be rebuilt. We tend to see calipers come in for a rebuild when the customer is parting their car to prep it for sale, and they want to freshen the brakes up to sell them.

Since the components in our kit are designed specifically to handle track abuse, they require less servicing than kits geared more towards street use. The parts don't burn up as quickly or show as much wear under the same harsh conditions. The proper tools for the job work best!

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