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Originally Posted by Zuzu View Post
LOL.. Read my original post, and I don't need you to question my reasons for purchasing a 1M..

And what does a space saver have to do with any reason what so ever in making my purchase of the 1M.

I didnt post this thread to attack M3 drivers, just after some general info.

I only want the space saver for long trips.. As far as weight saving go in general driving, its only minimal.. As if you would have a space saver in the boot while tracking the car..

So..Please, if you haven't got anything positive to post, PLEASE refrain from posting.
I have never tracked my cars, and I have always removed the space saver even for everyday driving...the removal of it wasn't for tracking purposes buddy, it's purely to reduce weight, which is one of the best ways to improve performance and fuel economy. I'm not having a go at your reasons for buying an M car, I was simply suggesting that most people don't deem it a necessary item for such cars.