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Originally Posted by NYCGP View Post
I don't need to do research to recognize an ignorant decision when I see one. The law will not last. When you get out of law school in 2017 this law will be long forgotten.

Cyber bullying laws are already treading on thin ice. This is on a whole other level. Old people making decisions about things they don't understand is ignorance plain and simple.

Or do I have to research Gov. Haslem's daily internet habits to justify my claims of his ignorance?

Wealth does not dictate whether or not you are ignorant. A perfect example being Donald Trump.
You need to research politics, you also need to research the South. When you are in the Bible Belt you do what is necessary to make people happy to keep yourself in the office. He isnt looking for recognition for this one bill, he is looking for the Oval Office and making the people who has got him where he is at happy first, he will then move on to running for President and making the country as a whole happy, or atleast enough to give him more votes than the opponent. Who cares if it gets thrown out, people down here that are ignorant are happy he has done it and he knows it will get thrown out too.

He will run for President one day you mark my words, and I bet he wins.

He owns a television broadcasting company that will make his campaign advertisements look very good compared to others, and that is just one of his smaller investments. All it takes is a good speaker with a lot of advertisements to win an election in this day and age.