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Originally Posted by xxForgedxx View Post
Well I didn't MEET him, but I was working at a club here in State College, PA (Penn State) and after the T.I. concert T.I. was supposed to come to the club afterwords because LaVar Arrington was hosting a party, I was a bouncer. The club is small enough where you can see the entire thing being in any spot. We had the VIP for him and his friends and afterwords it was just him in the club, drunk lol. He had his G-Wagon parked out back and after a little while, about 3am he left with his buddies. Kinda neat considering he at one point was the most feared of any linebacker prospect ever to enter the NFL. Surely one of the best college linebackers ever and he didn't have a bad career really but a couple of small injuries and contract/team issues with the redskins put him out of the grove. He has yet to officially retire but he hasn't played in a year and a half now. T.I. never showed because of his P.O. not letting him attend.
i played xbox 360 with him at the best buy here in nj when he used to play for the giants. i jus tpicked up a controller and didnt notice it was him until i was putting down the controller to leave. pretty chill guy.
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