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Hi SanquintinB... I am very qualified to answer this question.

I owned this for 1.2 years:
2007 335i Steptronic; with Turbo Tuner 2 chip and Dinan Tune and K&N Typhoon Cold Air Intake mods

I sold it for this and have owned it since Dec 2012:
2003 M3 Convertible 6 speed; with K&N Cold Air Intake mod

HANDS DOWN I WILL GO WITH THE M3 E46 ANYDAY!!!! With the mods I had I really gave e46 M3s a run for their money and straightline would outrun M3 drivers and it made them really ... but we are BMW drivers... straightline driving is for any 16 year old idiot with a license... The M3 hunkers down and hugs the curves so tightly that the 335i would need much more mods on the suspension to even match. With my CAI on my M3... 335i are still behind me... on the curves is when I make strides that 335i owners would have to pay lots of $$$ for.

But I really wanted to own an ///M so my search was started and I wanted a convertible too... I found one in Greenwich, CT 03 M3 Vert... 17900 original miles. Got a BMW PPI done on it and shipped it to NC. I LOVE THIS THING!!!

As another member stated ///M will always turn heads... frickin 335i & is are everywhere! So with that said YOU REALLY NEED TO CHECK OUT MY LISTING ON CRAIGSLIST:

Good luck deciding... 31K miles garage queen Inspection 1 just performed

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Due to not wanting to explain it again, I will paste my answer to a very similar question from BimmerForums.

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