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Having owned a 335i step and a 135i manual with a tune, i'd have to say by far go with the M3. I just recently gave up my AW '11 135i M-sport for a '04 TSM M3 SMG. Although i much prefer have a Manual transmission i'd have to say the SMG has grown on me in these past few weeks. I've wanted an e46 M3 since 2005 when i had an s2000. Just never really ended up getting one, then in 2008 i had the chance to get a Alpine White '06 M3 ZCP with only 30k on the clock. or a AW '07 335i step........because of the turbocharged factor i chose the 335i and regretted it till this day. Then in 2010 i was in the market yet again, and i knew i wanted something faster than the 335i only i did not want to compromise much as far as luxury so i opted for a 2011 135i with 30k on the clock. after buying the 135i i caught myself more and more so wanting an e46 M3. I would search autotrader and literally daily as well as EAG, with a horrible excuse that me and my wife and kids needed a 2nd vehicle (M3). Then Fast forward to March 2013, and i decide to trade in the 135i for a family car for my wife. i deal on a 09' AW 328i cpo for her and notice a TSM 2004 M3 parked in the back. I immediately ask my salesman what the deal is with that M3, he tells me that a customer had just traded it in the day before and they had not even had a chance to wash it and put it out on the pre owned lot. Goes on the say that it is a 1 owner (older man) and that it had been purchased from them and had always been serviced there by them as well with all service records available. I immediately ask if i could test drive it;needless to say i fell in love with it.......i walked away that very day with the car of my dreams