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Originally Posted by slicer View Post
First of all - I have always liked your car. The color, your choice in wheels, etc. Second of all - you most certainly could have afforded an M3 considering the money you have spent to modify your E90. You must be joking when making that statement
Yes & No. When I bought this car, I was serving tables, washing dishes, taking orders at the restaurant. I was making OK money as a restaurant manager but definitely wasn't enough to afford M3. I could have bought it maybe, put 0 down, pay $1500~$1800 a month but I'd had to eat instant noodles everyday I started modding slowly then my first major mod was the M3 rear quarter panel conversion...I loved it. For M3 folks, prolly makes you scratch your head but for a guy who dreamed of owning M3 but without enough money, this was closest I could get to. And things started to work better and I happend to become part owner of that restaurant which ended up ugly but during that 1~2 year I was making decent amount of money but still I couldn't ditch my E90 335i...let's say I was too emotionally attached to this car. First BMW, hard work, friends, ect. I still drool everytime I see M3 on the road, stock or modded but I do love my E90 and probably one of the most unique E90 335i in the world IMO. But yes hopefully one day...MMM