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Originally Posted by Singletrack View Post
I think it has more to do with cost cutting personally. The cost to keep producting better and better NA engines is far more than producing FI.
Exactly. Don't forget it is about pleasing the tree-huggers as well as building a bigger market for BMW cars. BMW has made it time and again clear that BMW wants to increase its market shares in all of its products. It also wants to sell lots of M cars in high volumes.

BMW is after sales and torquey, low-revving turbo cars will sell a lot more than high-strung, high-revving cars.

It is the perfect formula for BMW to maximize their profits while reducing cost on engine building through "cookie-cutter" turbo engines that could be used in many applications.

The sell out already had begun with the X5 M and X6 M. Anyone wants to see it should watch the top gear episode where Jeremy Clarkson ripped it apart into pieces criticizing its identitiy (it does not feel like a sports car, it is not off-road capable, it cannot haul people in total comfort and it cannot offer good efficiency) and got killed by a Jaguar XF supercharged in a drag race.