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The M Division sells its soul

The turbo powered M5 will likely have the same same basic motor as the turbo powered X6M yacht. The prosecution rests its case.

Anyone who has followed the M Division for more than a few years knows unequivocally the soul of the M car is its high revving normally aspirated motor. These motors have been considered engineering masterpieces, even by BMW critics.

I have been a member of this forum since 07. Prior to that, I followed the the discussion here consistently in silence. If you want to see an interesting phenomena, just read what was said on the forum by the same people, even a year ago, in the turbos vs normally aspirated debate. You will see even a more profound change on this debate going back two years or more. A drastic change of heart, shall we say, thanks in part to the marketing genius of BMW and the blindness of the BMW cult who feed at its trough.

Those of us not persuaded by BMW's slick marketing are now having to downgrade to Porsche, where naturally aspirated high revving motors are still appreciated.

This reminds me of the luxury watch market. The quartz movement came out and most every one jumped on its band wagon due to its accuracy and cost while abandoning the expensive, labor and R&D intensive in house movement. Yet years later, watches with quartz movements are, shall we say a dime a dozen and worthless. A watch with an in house movement today is a highly valued asset that will be passed on as a heirloom to future generations.

Those who have been here awhile know I am a fan of the turbo charged 335, given its price point to performance ratio. It is amusing to still see M3 fans vehemently argue with 335 owners over who's car is faster. The reason threatened M3 owners reacted so negatively was because the performance numbers are remarkably close, given the price gap and of course because the 335's power is delivered through those lame engineering challenged turbo chargers just like the GT-R. No mystery as to why the 335 crowd wanted to challenge the M3 owners or why M3 owners gobbled up the 335 wannabe's bait, hook line and sinker.

The S65 is simply the finest racing motor available in it's price range. Given the nature of the beast, I don't understand M3 owners complaints about its "lack of torque." The torque curve is as flat as a table top. Those who bought the M3 and are unhappy, didn't do their do diligence beforehand or do not appreciate the treasure that lies beneath.
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