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Originally Posted by Humdizzle View Post
992 has the faster ET and trapping 7-8 mph more. probably has more or equal power, and its 600 pounds less. with most of its weight over the rear axle instead of the front like the m8.

kind of funny how porsches best tt6 is topping bmw's best ttv8
Porsche TT6's have been topping V8's of all shapes and sizes for decades. This is nothing new. The ZF8 is a great transmission but it can't touch the PDK (best performance transmission in the business) when it comes to launching (they are ridiculously easy to perfectly launch over and over) and when you consider the weight advantage it's going to take extreme power and traction for any larger vehicle like the M8 to beat it in a straight line. That said the M8 does pretty well all things considered.

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