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Holy Batman we need an update here!

Meanwhile in the RSW LAB, we have a VW Golf R 6 Speed Transmission that is being torn down for inspection and repair! The owner was experiencing an issue shifting into 5th / 6th gears, well I think we found the problem.

Remember if you are experiencing hard shifts / engagement or grinding during shifts it is best to have our Service Team perform a Diagnostic Teardown sooner than later, as the damage will only get worse as miles pass . . .

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The RSW Assembly Lab is back at it with yet another 2.0T TSI Engine.

Interested in learning WHY we see so many of these engines for internal repair / rebuild?

Read More:

The RSW Service Team is pleased to present to you the APR, LLC. VW / Audi MQB Gen 3 Downpipe Upgrade! We have put together a complete comprehensive installation article for your viewing pleasure!

If you are looking to take your MQB Powered VW or Audi To the Next Level in Performance Contact Us Today!

908.223.7477 or Visit

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This morning we are preforming an ECU Update for this APR K04 customer. Due to the vehicle's ECU Type the RSW Service Team must remove the ECU to update to the newest APR programming which will allow direct port flashing in the future.

It is at this time our Team is reminded why we are the leading APR Technical Center & Master Distributor as all the APR equipped vehicles in the Tri-State Area end up at our facility when it comes to flashing more involved ECU Types or higher levels of system diagnostics. ‪#‎GOAPR‬

This B8 Audi S4 3.0T is going to be receiving a full ride height adjustment, new SPC Adjustable Upper Control Arms, as well as a complete 4 wheel alignment today!

If your in need of dialing in your lowered Audi B5, B6, B7, B8, or B8.5 Contact Our Service Team today, we are New Jersey's sports car alignment pro's!

We finally were able to get Pro Circuit Electrical Contracting, LLC over to wire up our Bridgeport! He did an exceptional job of screw driver modeling for this picture.

Busy shop on this Friday Afternoon! Who's ready for the weekend!?

With Spring right around the corner, who is ready to not have a SALTY car anymore? The ‪#‎RSW‬ Service Team sure can't, as it makes it difficult to keep the shop clean!

When you start to hear noise generating from your vehicle's break system plan to immediately get it checked out. Continued mileage on a system that is / may be compromised is not safe for you or other motorists on the roadway!

Full shop to start this fine Tuesday, not to mention we are upgrading our first VW MK7 GTI to APR, LLC. Stage 2 with the newly released 2.0T MQB Cast Downpipe! ‪#‎goapr‬

Sneak peak at our EFR B6 A4 2.0L Stroker build that we have been making progress on!

Now that our Bridgeport is finally up and running we can get the rear uprights from our LOBA Motorsport GmbH B5 RS4 Conversion machined to accept the axles that will mate up with the Skyline Rear Differential!

The Mill is certainly up and running. Having the right tooling for the job certainly helps when adapting components to create the perfect end product!

The RSW Service Team loves wrenching on your VW or Audi. With Factory Diagnostic capabilities, and factory trained technicians we are able to service all your Repair, Maintenance, and Upgrade needs here at our facility located in Green Brook, NJ!

Someone isn't wasting any time getting their winter wheel setup off in favor for the new summer wheel & tire package!

If your feeling that "itch" give our Service Team a call! 908.223.7477

Looks like the modified B5 S4 rear up-rights are installed back into the LOBA RS4 Conversion, time to start mocking up the custom mounts for the Skyline Rear Differential!

Our in-house Porsche Specialist on the grind to get this 996 back on the road for the owner to enjoy!

Starting off the morning keeping our Hunter Engineering Revolution Tire Machine & Road Force Touch Balancer busy!

Spring Weather is coming, have you thought about when you are going to be taking your Winter Snow Tires off?

On the other side of the RSW Facility this VW Passat CC is getting a complete four wheel alignment on our Hunter Engineering In-Ground Hawkeye Alignment System!

Audi Direct Injection Fuel System Diagnostics for this B7 A4 2.0T FSI this morning.

Yet another 2.0T TSI VW on the brink of disaster. This 50,000 mile MK6 GTI came into the shop for diagnostics on a check engine light. Upon initial inspection the RSW Service Team found a fault in the ECU for incorrect camshaft correlation.

Our technicians put the engine into time, and after inspecting the engine they found that the timing chain tensioner had allowed the engine to jump time. Luckily we were able to catch this one before any serious damage occurred!

Happy Friday! We are starting the morning off with this 944. The team is diagnosing a few issues for the owner as well as performing a complimentary vehicle inspection.

Got B7's? The RSW Service Team is currently wrenching on (3) B7 A4's and (1) B7 RS4.

This Audi B7 RS4 4.2L V8 is in amazing condition for the mileage. The owner brought it into the shop today to diagnose a "coolant leak" an Audi Dealer was trying to locate for 3 weeks...

If your purchasing used wheels and/or tires don't expect perfect ride quality.

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