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We hope everyone is safely arriving to work this morning, after a slight delay the Service Team is back cranking on all cylinders. First up today is this completing the heater core replacement in this Saab!

Taken care of some emissions related repairs on this Audi Q7 3.0TDI this morning.

With the latest round of winter weather the RSW Service Team has been servicing, repairing, and overhauling European Luxury SUV's to ensure 100% trouble free operation for their owners!
This afternoon we have been putting some diagnostic time into both this BMW X3 & X5 to resolve a few areas of concern!

Despite last night's frigid temperatures this BMW E90 M3 V8 powered 4 door sedan still made it down to our HQ to have a bit of service work completed on it! We appreciate seeing our customers take their vehicle's maintenance seriously!

BMW X5 in for Repair & Diagnostics this afternoon. The Service Team is working to resolve a few issues with the rear suspension.

Looks like this B6 S4 equipped with a new rebuilt 4.2L V8 might just be running before the days end!

Clean Audi TT in the shop taking care of a few service related repairs today.

The beginning of yet another engine build always starts with a complete tear down and inspection!

Definitely an SUV type of week at RSW, this is the 5th BMW "Truck" we have completed repairs on!

Nice thing about perfectly level surfaces, they are GREAT for checking ride height!

The RSW Service Team is ensuring this Q7 is as safe a possible during the Winter months, time to get that old rubber off, and a new set of meaty tires on!

This Audi B7 A4 2.0T FSI came into the shop to resolve a CEL (Check Engine Light), our Team found the vehicle had a non-properly functioning Diverter Valve as well as a bad fuel pressure sensor! Our oh hand in stock inventory allowed for an in/out repair and minimal downtime for the owner!

Holy Carbon Build Up! This vehicle has over 100,000 miles, and the carbon goes from the chamber walls to the back side of the valve!
The build up is robbing both fuel economy and horsepower!

Yup, the Service Team can take care of all the modern day Volvo owner's needs!

The Service Team has been working diligently all week on this B6 S4 to get it finished. The vehicle literally came to us in 100s of pieces & several different boxes. We are happy to say that after an extensive engine rebuild it is finally now 100% back together! It's time to get some miles on it before it's "ok'd" to be returned back to its owner!

We Finished off last week with maintenance and upgrades on this local PCA members 996!

From time to time the Service Team takes care of other "shops" alignment services for them, this clean B7 A4 is one such vehicle!

BMW 3 Series getting a complete vehicle inspection, the owner ensuring the vehicle is in peak performance before an up-coming road trip!

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