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Don't know if second is hiit... more anaerobic/circuit maybe... anyways my favorite routines... Don't expect to be even remotely good at them unless you are an elite athlete. Also breath through nose only...

Warm up: jog, high knees, jog, heel to butt, jog, side shuffle, jog side shuffle out, jog, 5 minutes total...

20 seconds Burpees 10 seconds rest
20 seconds Body squats 10 seconds rest
20 seconds Burpees 10 seconds rest
20 seconds Forward jumping squats 10 seconds rest
20 seconds push ups 10 seconds rest
20 seconds shadow boxing 10 seconds rest
20 seconds jump rope 10 seconds rest
20 seconds burpees 10 seconds rest

Can substitute with jumping jacks, sprawls, sit ups, tire flipping, sledgehammer tire, focus mitts, and heavy bag.

Other workout is either 1:30 with 30 seconds rest, 2:00 with 30 seconds rest, or 3:00 1:00 minute rest.

30 minute warm up or jump rope for 2 minute rounds and 30 seconds rest for 4 rounds

Round 1 Punch and cut off large slip bag with straight punches only or turn over punches quickly while keeping bag in place alternate from 20 seconds straight to uppercuts.

Round 2 Heavy bag, straight punches only, movement, and head movement or straight power punches alternate with speed every 15 or 20 seconds. You must stay busy.

Round 3 Jab wall, only jabs keep hands up vary between hard punches or turn over hand quickly nonstop. May use heavy bag as substitute.

Round 4 Reflex bag, combinations, movement, slip. Or 6 inch jump box, one foot on one foot off like climbing stairs, very fast... May cause shin splints at first.


May substitute with focus mitts, double end bag, or variations on jump box.

Take one round rest and do abs... This is beginner to intermediate level...