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Originally Posted by LV-E92M3 View Post
My set up was the Fabspeed HFC/X pipe with stock exhaust for a month.
There's no drone at all and making better sound + performance 20whp gain + no cell since I drove my car for 2k miles ( some people said it pops the engine cheek light, but mine doesn't ) You'll love the Fabspeed pack + stock exhaust system if you are fan of the stock exhaust. I hope you make a right choice!

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Your car sounds amazing!

It's a great sound even with the use of the stock mufflers. Absolutely aggressive!

Originally Posted by J08M3 View Post
well on OEM it does since it's all one piece, but not on the aftermarket systems. Most of the aftermarket x-pipe have you either take off the primary cats, or they have you cut the exhaust behind them and bolt on to them.
On the aftermarket X-pipes, you can choose to run a cat bypass pipe or a set of sport catalysts. The OEM pipe does contain it on one unit, but with the aftermarket options you can play with it a bit in terms of setup.

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