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Originally Posted by ganeil View Post
With all due respect, I have not found logic to be your strong suit.

Whether or not people speak of "returning" land or not does not change the fact that there has never been a sovereign Palestinian state.

Israel has never claimed sovereignty over the West Bank (excepting east Jerusalem) or Gaza. They have considered this to be disputed territory captured in war from Jordan and Egypt, neither of which continue to claim sovereignty over the areas previously under their control.

The Oslo Accords set out a process by which the Palestinians would begin to assume civil control over portions of the West Bank and Gaza through the Palestinian Authority with the final status of the territories settled through negotiations. Israel's pull out from Gaza or portions of the West Bank in the future does not imply an Israeli belief that the Palestinians have ever before maintained sovereignty over the region.
I guess both sides have to accept compromises and loose something and hopefully gain something (especially peace).
Again, I don't understand if there was never Palestine, if those territories belonged to someone else, if...why is the Palestinian Authority involved and why would Palesinians begin to assume civil control over the areas? Why not Egypt or Jordan if it belonged (possibly) to them?