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We're just a bunch of people voicing our opinions, and see how we can't even come to a consensus. How much more difficult for those who are actually there, seeing the bodies and destruction, tasting the hate in the air.

The single best example of turning your hate to understanding was in a Ghandi movie. One sect had killed another religious sect member. Ghandi told him to atone for his mistake by raising the other's son, in the boy's original religious faith. When the majority can practice THAT level of compassion, we will have a chance for peace.

I have my faith, but I don't have the delusion of granduer that my faith is the one and only true path to God, to the exclusion of all others. I know far too many of the religious teachings my faith has as a basis have been changed by MEN for over 2000 years. How far might I be from the original truth in the details? The one thing *I* am sure of, is that without my acceptance of Jesus as my savior, there's not much after they put me in a pine box.