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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
Actually, your so called "faith" and the World politics can easily fog up your mind. I do not belong to any of those two sides, therefore I (and many others) see it differently. Hell, I hate discussing about the former Yugoslavia -- how could the Serbs be wrong???

If it were so clear as you represent it -- Israel is innocent, never done anything bad, blah, blah, the things would have been solved by now...
or, lack of faith or differently placed faith can fog your mind too

It depends on how you see it. Everyone, everyone, makes their choices based on what they believe to be true.

And ironically, even atheism takes a degree of faith... or another word applicable to both would be conviction... that God either absolutely is not, or absolutely is. Only a gnostic doesn't know for sure

I personally willfully choose to believe that the God of the Bible is who he says he is-- and that choice does not require others to believe as I do. We are all free to believe what we will.

But hey, at least we both dig BMWs eh-?

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