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Thanks for your business and feedback

Originally Posted by Babaganush View Post
Just a heads up to you guys, I got my exhaust installed yesterday and I really like it. However, there is a drone below 2K RPM. It's rather bad, especially at start up when it's cold, but it does get a little better when it gets warmed up. Once above 2K RPM, the drone is completely gone.

Everything else is great....sound, looks, etc. Don't have enough seat time yet to determine if there is much of a performance gain but from what I could tell in my limited time of driving last night, there is an improvement.

Also, Bob was great to work with and the exhaust was shipped out in a timely manner and packaged perfectly. Thanks Bob.
Hi Babaganush,

Thanks for your business. I'm glad you're happy with the exhaust.

Regarding the resonance at startup: A number of things happen during a cold startup that relates to emissions and warming up the engine. After 30-40 seconds the settings go back to normal and that initial resonance subsides. Funny thing, I heard Tom's car from EAS @ Euro Crave a few months ago with a Remus exhaust, and the drone from outside the car at startup was very loud and then subsided after about 30 seconds, so this is just a normal phenomena with the E92 M3.

I was also told by the guys at Borla that resonance between 1200 & 2000 RPMs is very common in V8s. Fortunately, we tend not to drive in that RPM range with this car. DCT cars will try to keep the RPMs low when driving in the automatic mode. I keep my tranny set at 4, to get it to downshift easier and I believe it might affect the upshift points, as well. In manual mode, I tend to shift at higher RPMs, so I'm never in the 1200 to 2000 RPM range.

I'll be directing all opinions and comments to Borla about this exhaust (and they might be watching, anyway). Some may feel it's too loud, while Tightie wants it louder and will be adding the race midpipe ASAP. So, a lot of the opinions are determined by personal preference.


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