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And the mods are.........

Originally Posted by sge92 View Post
This sounds amazing! Exactly what I've been looking for. Is the exhaust the only mod you have done, or have you done ECU, intake or air filter as well? I am very interested in obtaining the same sound and would like to know what else if anything has been done to your car. Also, are you now able to confirm the diameter of the pipes prior to the mufflers? Thx

aFe Pro Dry filter and the Borla exhaust are the only 2 engine mods I've done, so far. The big bucks went into wheels, tires & brakes.

Obviously, I'm a bit partial, but I was just listening to some exhausts on YouTube and a lot of the E92 M3 exhausts sound really honky. Not nearly as deep and rich as the Borla. I saw a custom exhaust that has 2 90 bends, so the left side comes out the right and vice-versa. Why the h**L would you do that? One thing I've learned is my dealings with Borla, between the E46 M3 midpipe and now the E92 M3 exhaust, is straighter is better. I believe the statistic is something like a 180 bend adds the equivalent of 30 feet of straight pipe. So, unless there is a good reason, like you're tuning the exhaust, adding unnecessary bends adds restriction.

Unfortunately, all four exhausts have been sold, but you can place a pre-order for the next batch (ETA currently unknown) or just keep checking our website.

Thanks for your interest.