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Originally Posted by phecht
I was wondering if there are any current or graduated med students here that could just lend a bit of advice. I'm hopefully going into med school soon and wondering how you paid for insurance, gas, and any other miscellaneous fees. I'm aware that loans are the main crutch. Although seeing as though whoever answers this has already experienced it, I just wanted to know if you had any advice without going too much into dept. Currently I'm about to go into the EMT field for some decent money and preparation for med school. But I doubt I will be able to continue that while I'm studying to be a doctor. I know the M3 is a relatively expensive car to maintain and curious on how you guys got through it. Thanks any replies in advance!
I didn't buy my m3 until after fellowship, after I started saving for retirement, after I started paying off my loans, after I bought a house, after I started saving for my kids college. My take home message is that an m car is very low on. He priority level when it comes to life. Don't work while in med school, you don't want to have to work to support a car that you will never use anyways and take you away from more important things like studying .... Keep your eye on the ball.