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Originally Posted by geneatals View Post
aren't pull ahead programs dependent on what's offered by bmw there a current pull ahead program for e9x models?

as persian54 stated tho, your local dealer is our pint of na will tell you the same..BMW NA stopped dealing with lease end deals a few years back and passed that off to local dealerships

For 2010s yes, not 2011s (not yet at least)

Also, the dealer will want to sell you a new car, and as long as your car is within your mileage range and in great condition, they'll more than likely want to buy the car off BMWFS in order to list and sell at their dealer for a profit (plus they got a profit from selling you a new car)

Mercedes is much better than this; they allow you turn in a lease 6 months early sometimes!

I know Porsche has a deal with the 997s right now; they'll pay up to 12 months of your lease as long as you get into a 991. Or so I read in the email they sent me..