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Originally Posted by kevin///mlee View Post
+1 for never dull. I use it on all my cars
Originally Posted by W Cole View Post
Are they not clear coated or anything? I used WD-40 and a microfiber towel when they got really dirty. Now as long as I clean them every coupe weeks I am fine with soup and water.

Thanks for the responses guys, I will give a metal polish a shot.

Originally Posted by Red_Baron View Post
Off topic but what did you use to smoke your tail lights? Looks good.
Thanks, I got a local reputable tinting shop to do it for me on medium shade. They just applied this film with a heat gun that molds around your taillights.

You have to be careful though, if someone rear ends you on dark tint they can use it against you in court.

There is also another way you can do it byspray 'tint' I believe but, I like something that is easy to remove
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